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XL 3D Amethyst Glass Rhinestone Nail Kit/ Big Bling

XL 3D Amethyst Glass Rhinestone Nail Kit/ Big Bling

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Feeling blingy ! Want to add a touch of glam! You need these! These large charms are so cute and look great on any set. With several Shapes to choose from and a variety of colors being released there are plenty to choose from! These XL stones are made from premium quality glass no cheap plastic stones over here. You will have a beautiful shine that when the light hits just makes you awe! These XL stones can be applied with gel, acrylic, polygel, rhinestone bling or anything else you feel should hold!Each shape has a different size .Sizes:-Teardrop 13x18mm-Square 13x18mm-Heart 12mm-Rivoli 12mm-Marquette 9x18mm-Oval 10x14mm28 Piece w/ Storing CompartmentIncludes-4-Rivoi-4-Oval-4-Marquette-4-Hearts-4-Square-4-Teardrop-4-Random Shapes from above(Ex*. 2-Heart-2-Square)

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