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Toy Chino Bear Luxe Nail Decals

Toy Chino Bear Luxe Nail Decals

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All decals can be encapsulated in gels, acrylics, polygel mixes etc.This decal comes in medium/long length! See size chart via photo in listing! This decal comes transparent and works best on white nails!

How to Apply Decals

1. Cut each decal out

2. Place in a container of water

3. Let decal rest in water for approx. 30 sec depending on temperature(Do not use hot water )

4. Remove decal and place on nail (Shiny side up)

5. Use a lint free wipe to dab out any access water before applying top coat.

6.Top coat! Enjoy!

*Pro Tip* If you struggle with application ,try applying a thin layer of gel top coat and cure your decals in an led/uv lamp before placing in water! This allows them to be easily applied!

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