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Seashell Flakes

Seashell Flakes

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Add a pop of iridescence to your next set of nails. These shell flakes can be applied whole for a dramatic look. Or feel free to break them into smaller pieces for a subtle look. These shell flakes come in 8 different colors. If you can't decide on one we have an 8 piece set with your name on it! Please note the 8pc set comes with full size containers as shown!
Each individual container weighs approximately 1.5g! Compared to competitors that offer only 1g each! That's an extra .5g you will receive !

How to use:
Step 1: Apply glue or builder gel to the nail surface.
Step 2: Use your nail tool to press the shells into place.
Step 3: Cure the shells or allow glue to thoroughly dry.
Step 4: Apply your favorite gel, acrylic or polygel to encapsulate it.

*Photos are taken are showcasing the natural beauty of these shell flakes. Due to individual monitor settings. We can not guarantee that there maybe a slight color variation.

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