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Shasia Beauty

Pink Nail Kit

Pink Nail Kit

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Look no further Shasia Beauty has all of your pink needs! Welcome to your pink nail fantasy, where all your dreams do come true!

Tired of those same ol boring nail kits from you know who or you know where? Well this kit is sure to spice things up! Our kits are color specific and this one is all Sugar, Spice and Pink Delight! This kit is custom made here in the USA. This kit was carefully packaged with you in mind! Whether your just starting out as a nail newbie or a seasoned pro! This kit will not disappoint! Our kit features items that will last you! No more cheap plastic items that break instantly. We want you to have the best products, if we would not use it personally we would not include it. Inside features our best selling products that fit your needs. Please note this kit does not include an acrylic brush as brushes vary and not everyone prefers the same style of brush.

Kit Includes:
-Pink Vinyl Powder Free Gloves-5pk
-Pink Mini Buffers-4pk
-Pink Lint Free Nail Wipes-Approx. 70
-Pink Nail Mats-4pk
-Pink Nail Forms-20ct
- EMA-Non-Yellowing Acrylic Monomer-2oz
-"ICE" Clear Acrylic Powder-1oz
-"Pinky" Pink Cover Acrylic-1oz
-Non-Acid Primer(Brush On)-5ml
-Ph Bond(Dehydrator)-5ml
-Pink Glitter, Mylar, Foil and Flakies Containers(4)
- Nail Files

-Storing Box for Implements(Pink or Clear)
-Pink Mini Manicure Brush
- AB Diamond Glass Dappen Dish
-Manicure Clippers-Stainless Steel
-Cuticle Nippers-Stainless Steel
-Dual-Sided Cuticle Pusher-Stainless Steel(2 Styles)
- Practice Fingers (2)
-XXL Tapered Square Straight Nail Tips No-C Curve or XL Coffin Straight Nail Tips
-KDS Nail Glue
FREE Nail Brush Cleaner Bottle w/Name!!!!!(Name appears on lid. Please note longer names may appear smaller. If there is an issue with the name we wil contact you within 24 hours. Please respond within 48 hours. If no response is received the lid will be shipped blank.)

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