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Pink Diamond Crystal Nail Dappen Dish Lid

Pink Diamond Crystal Nail Dappen Dish Lid

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This diamond shaped crystal lid is glamourous and essential. Tired of your dappen dish without a lid? Tired of cheap lids that just look wrong with your diamond dishes. This one will change all of that. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing it keeps all of your monomer sealed inside the dish too! This crystal lid weighs in at over 2oz alone! Yes it has some weight to it, so do not worry about it not being heavy enough to secure your liquid gold ! This comes with clear crystal bling top and a large diamond handle for easily moving from place to place. I also wanted this lid to be more than just a glam on your dish it needed another purpose! I wanted to be able to glance in the mirror before my client came back from the restroom without getting busted starring at myself lol. Sometimes you just want to make sure you look good while servicing your clients!Easy clean handle with soap & water ,alcohol or any mild disinfectants. Clean base with the same but please do not soak the crystals or leave in water for extended time. You may also use glass cleaner on a cloth to wipe down the surface(just don't drown it lol)All images shown are captured in natural lighting for optimum color !

Small Lid is 2" wide and Large lid is 3" wide!

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