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Nail Polish Holder-Polish Easy

Nail Polish Holder-Polish Easy

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Tired of knocking over your expensive gel polish or traditional polish bottles. Tired of creating a mess of your work area with polish. Well look no further Shasia Beauty has solved all your problems! Well not all but at least those dealing with polish bottles!LOL Choose between two colors Purple and Pink(Magenta)!

Polish Easy nail polish holders are a lifesaver! Whether it is polishing your own nails at home or doing someone else's in a shop it will be a breeze! Simply slide the stabilizer bar between your fingers and boom ! You are now wearing the latest in nail bottle holder fashion!!!! It is literally that easy and anyone can wear the device no matter your finger size!

The ability to do your nails anywhere just became possible! At the office..Polish Easy! At a friends...Polish Easy! Last Minute Date ....Polish Easy in the car! Literally this holder eliminates any need for a hard flat surface to hold your bottle! Easy to use and portable toss in your purse and go! Adjust the angle of the bottle or tilt your hand when your running out of product!

Polish Easy Nail Polish Holder is made with high quality silicone so it will last! Easy clean with alcohol or mild disinfectants!

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