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Shasia Beauty

Nail Decal Glue

Nail Decal Glue

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This new formula was created to give your decals an extra sticky base and allows your decals to stretch and contour to the nail. Decal glue is easy to use but must be cured in a LED or UV light. Simply apply to the area in which you would like you decal to go or cover the entire nail. Cure 60 sec. in LED or 2 min. in UV lamp. once applied give your decal glue a minimum of 30-45 sec. to reach its' ultimate tack! Once it has rested place your decal on the nail following the decal application instuructions given. For contouring to the nail place decal in the center of the nail smooth vertically in the center only. Gently smooth and stretch the sides down to adhere them without distoring the image. If you mess up slowly peel the decal from the nail and replace! Once your decal is into position top coat and enjoy!!

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