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Shasia Beauty

Halloween Spooky Nail Stencil Collection

Halloween Spooky Nail Stencil Collection

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These stencils are super cute fun and can be reused! You will receive all 3! Perfect for airbrush nail art or sponging polish on!

How to Apply Stencils-Stencil Sheets may be black or white.-w/Outer boarder removed.

1. Remove the part of the stencil you want to use

2. Place on the nail

3. Airbrush in a back and forth motion or use nail polish on a sponge and dab!

4. Let the product semi dry before removing the stencil

5. Place stencil back on image sheet or on wax paper for use later

6.Top coat! Enjoy!

Stencils made by ShasiaBeauty!

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