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Gummy Bear Nail Charms-Solid Colors

Gummy Bear Nail Charms-Solid Colors

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The set includes your choice of color gummy bears in a cute Rx bottle! Be sure to read the label as it has instructions on how to properly apply these cuties! Check out my other listing for ombre bears!

Each container includes 10 gummy bears of your selected color!
New bottles! Pop top instead of flip top!

*Each bear is handmade by me personally(No i do not source my product overseas) and is food safe(oh yeah)! Why not buy a product that is safe for you. Why do I use product that is food safe? We constantly use our hands to cook and eat and we put charms on our nails that is not food safe , so I decided that ends today . Feel safe next time you lick your fingers after a good old fashioned bbq meal with sauce! lol

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