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Baddie Aesthetic 1 Nail Sticker or Decal

Baddie Aesthetic 1 Nail Sticker or Decal

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Design Option

These decals and stickers are sure to catch everyone's eyes because who doesn't love a bad bish. Be sure to check out the 2nd option on my shops page! Feel free to contact for any additional information. All decals and stickers can be encapsulated in gels, acrylics, polygel mixes etc.

How to Apply Decals

1. Cut each decal out

2. Place in a container of water

3. Let decal rest in water for approx. 30 sec depending on temperature(Do not use hot water )

4. Remove decal and place on nail (Shiny side up)

5. Use a lint free wipe to dab out any access water before applying top coat.

6.Top coat! Enjoy!

How to Apply Sticker

1. Simply peel and place!

Card size approx. 4x3 inches The decal only comes in transparent to allow you to get creative. These decals are super saturated in color and really pop on white or light backgrounds! For opaque please message me I am more than happy to accommodate!

Custom decals are made by us !

*This is simply an inspiration piece for you to get creative with!*

NEW Decals feature a color indicator that changes the water pink to show when it is ready to apply!

Learn how to apply your decals and the difference between opaque and transparent on our Youtube channel Shasia Beauty!

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