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4XL Stiletto Full Cover Nails

4XL Stiletto Full Cover Nails

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It is the moment you have been waiting for! Pop'Em Press On Nails are perfect as a set of nails for yourself or as nails for your own press on nail business. Yes there are brands that carry press on nails, however these nails 1) Don't Flex & 2)They are extremely long. These nails you will love! All of our hybrid nails are washed in a EPA registered ANTIBACTERIAL solution before being packaged to send to you! Yes only the best quality for you!Pop'Em Press On Nails in Longer Lengths and a variety of shapes! This new XXXXL Stiletto length is made with a natural apex fo maximum support! This new feature allows for a more natural looking nail . Life just got easier applying gel and acrylic to these babies! These nails also double as tips ! Simply use your tip licer and remove the cuticle portion of your nail and boom!

 Free size chart included!!

Set features 240 nails with 12 sizes 20 nails per bag for all sizes! Each set comes with a size chart! Nails are packaged individually in bags unless a case is ordered!Apply with Nail Glue,Acrylic,Polygel or Hard Gel! These nails are super sturdy and long lasting!Simply Pop'Em on ,polish and GO!All items are final sale due to sanitary reasons . Thank you for understanding

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