About Us

​As a small girl, I was always creative and artsy. I was intrigued by watching my grandmother do hair and my aunt design clothes and do nails. You could say, "I was destined to be in this field." LOL! As I got older, I started doing my hair and nails. Of course, my family and friends allowed me to experiment on them. As my skills sharpened, I would enter competitions and get lost in my creative world.
After high school, I went to college for Business and pursued my degree. Something about my career path did not feel right. I decided to pursue my creative passions, contrary to the stories of the beauty field not being what is considered a traditional field of employment. All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I enrolled in a school! However, my dreams were short-lived. I went to a school that did not want me to succeed. They were not interested in students learning and were only in business for the money. I felt discouraged with school, yet continued. A few months away from graduating, I fell ill and had to be hospitalized. My recovery was rough but I pushed through. Things were slow, but I managed to finish school and get a job in the industry. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but I settled because it paid well and was with a company I felt I could grow with. Little did I know the storm had yet to come!​
In March 2019, I decided I no longer wanted to work for another company that did not share my passion, strong morals, and ethical principles or values. I wanted to share my creativity and passion with the world without a limit. Creating a place that all who enjoy the creative side of nails could call home. Where customers truly feel valued and heard. I am making it my mission to redefine our view on style thru nail art. I started without a business plan, just an idea for nail decals and a vision for my future. After several failed attempts and many months later, I had a product that I felt confident in. I joined a platform that I had sold on previously and listed 3 nail decals. Months went by with no sales until one day, I got a sale! She loved them and told her group of friends. She made a raving review and more orders came in. I created more decals and made face masks too. Sells was coming in faster than I could keep up.
Then...Covid hit just a few months later. The world was in a panic! Sales declined, then just as I thought that was the end, I was selling again. This time for face masks. The pandemic helped my small business stay afloat. While salons were being closed, priorities changed. The number of inquiries for face masks had me up night and day. It was all worth it to see the positive feedback you all had given me. I am so humbled by the positive response I had received in a such short time. I switched my focus to adding press-on nails to my store and they were a hit! Press On Nails allowed me to stay creative and provide a unique style. Once things calmed down, sales for nail art picked back up with a twist! The need for unique items and those that can be customized were rapidly increasing! This made me so happy to share my designs with you all as I settled into my niche! I am proud to offer you a nail art supply that can provide the items of your dreams! Here you will find 4 types of customizable items; 1. Nail Decals,2. Nail Stickers, 3. Nail Charms and 4. Nail Accessories & Tools! With your love and support, I want to continue providing you with items from your nail dreams! All I ask is that you come to join me on this amazing journey to building our NAIL GANG!