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Black Butterfly Nail Decals

Black Butterfly Nail Decals

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hese Butterflies are a perfect touch for your next set of nails! The decals are water transferable and come in black! There are several styles to choose from all in one! All butterflies are a variety of sizes. Each card size is approximately 3''X3''.These decals are made on a transparent background that allows background color to be shown underneath. Each transfer comes with a set of directions! These decals can be applied a variety of ways such as with gel top coat, traditional top coat, acrylic encapsulation, polygel encapsulation, hard gel and many many more!

How to Apply
1. Cut each decal out . Trim if needed!
2. Place in a container of water.
3. Let decal rest in water for approx. 30 seconds depending on temperature(Do not use hot water )
4. Remove decal and place on nail (Shiny side up)
5. Use a lint free wipe to dab out any access water before applying top coat.
6.Top coat! Enjoy!

*All decals come in a waterproof sleeve!*Transparent Decals Only*

Learn how to apply your decals and the difference between opaque and transparent on our Youtube channel Shasia Beauty!

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